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 Topic: ORINOCO wifi card drives PB 1400cs + 7.6 (Page 1 of 1)
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  drop1410 (Profile)
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Posted: Tue Jun 19, 2012 6:13 pm
Hello guys, well I just restored / repaired an old PowerBook 1400 cs replacing the screen + RAM + video adapter upgrades Very Happy. For this computer I also installed System 7.6.1 (I'm a system 7 freak! hahaha)... now I want to reach internet with this guy but after some research my mind is broken. I would explain my issues now, hope somebody in this forum could help me Very Happy

1. WI-FI option: I followed this tips from this website: http://www.penmachine.com/techie/airport1400.html , I also have the same PCMCIA "Dell TrueMobile 1150". Now the big issue is that the Orinoco drivers/software mentioned on that tutorial didn't works for system 7.6.1, the Orinoco version 7.2 or even 6.4 needs Mac Os 8.1 or Mac os 8.6 to work Sad. So at this point which Orinoco version software would be the best (if exist) for Mac Os 7.6.1?. Any other PCMCIA card suggestions?

Asanté Talk converter: http://www.asante.com/products.....tetalk.asp . I have one of those in my studio, but even if this converter didn't need a software to work, I can't do anything with him... I plugged the Ethernet cable to the Asanté Talk box, and the serial cable to the Serial/modem/print port of the PowerBook, then I activated Apple Talk and set DHCP automatic address on the TCPIP control panel but I can't navigate... otherwise I can see the PowerBook in the list of computers when I click the Apple Share icon from the Chooser.

By the way... sorry about my poor english level Sad, just wanted to mentions all of these issues and get some inputs from you guys!.

Thank you in advance!
  drop1410 (Profile)
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Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:07 am
NEVERMIND GUYS!!... I found it Very Happy... So this is what I did to get my hands on the soft Wink

From this website:http://www.powerbookwireless.net/#4.1

I got it this software version:
Lucent WaveLan/ORiNOCO software, version 6.00.4. Supports OS 7.5.2, through 9.0 on G3 PowerBook Series, 3400, 2400, 1400, 5300 & 190 PowerBook Series.

The direct link to the software/drivers (if somebody needs) would be available here: http://ftp4.de.freesbie.org/pu.....PPLE/v600/

Now I'm surfing Ebay / Google and purchase a waveland or orinoco gold card Very Happy

Thanks a bunch for your help!
  wove (Profile)
Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2012 10:11 am
Sorry for the delay in responding. Besides the forums, System7Today has a variety of useful resources for all things System 7.

The drivers for the Ornico based cards are available on System7Today. You can locate them by clicking the "Help Center" link at the bottom of every page. The drivers for the Ornico based cards are the same drivers needed for Lucent. You have a choice of WavLanSilver and WavLanGold. Both of the drivers work with System 7.6.

Have a nice day and enjoy your wireless System 7.

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