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 Topic: New Ultimate Updates List (Page 1 of 1)
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  dpaanlka (Profile)
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Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 7:57 pm
I'd like to present the first four parts of our new "Ultimate Updates List," which replaces the old Important Updates Page, and will include all System 7 versions from 7.0 through 7.6.1.


7.5.x on 68k, 7.5.x on PowerPC, 7.6.x on 68k, and 7.6.x on PowerPC are available immediately. I'm still working on the rest. Basically, I'm starting with all the updates from the original 7.6.x update list, and (manually) working my way down to compatible versions.

Keep in mind that some of the downloads are custom packages that I've put together myself that you won't find anywhere else.

One surprise for the upcoming System 7.1.2 page is that OpenTransport 1.3 seems to install and function without issue.

Please post any corrections or suggestions here.
  madmax_2069 (Profile)
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Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2007 7:46 am
BTW, does that stuffit expander 5.5 in the list contain dropstuff with expander enhancer. cause that adds a bit of function to stuffit expander 5.5 (like the ability to join split files)

i have it installed on my P 475 running 7.6.1, and it was a heck of allot of help when i only had 1 3.5" floppy disk to transfer data to it, most of the files had to be split up cause they was bigger then what could fit on the disk.

this was before i got a external LaCie CD RW burner ( i had to use intech CD/DVD speedtools 6.0) before it would work in 7.6.1.
  madmax_2069 (Profile)
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Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2007 7:48 am
DOH no way to edit post's,

BTW keep up the great update to system 7 today, i like the new layout of it, seems allot easier to find everything.
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