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 Topic: Every Mac you own working or not. (Page 4 of 4)
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  DaveRhodes (Profile)
  32 MB
Posted: Wed Jul 30, 2008 9:09 am
The classic Macs I have:

I've got two Powerbook 1400s, one c, one cs. The 1400c is what I'm posting this from. I use this computer at work. (and they let me get away with it!) The 1400c runs 7.6.1, but also has 8.6 installed just in case. The 1400cs runs 7.5.3, only because I miss the "Welcome to Macintosh" screen in 7.6 and later. The 1400c came with a battery that held a pretty good charge, but after I used the battery for a few months, it decided to retire. I managed to procure a few other (dead) batteries, which I took the guts out of and made into weight savers.

I also have a 3400c that runs great and might have replaced the 1400c at work (due to the ethernet port) if its keyboard was any good. It runs 7.6.1 as well. It has an 8.6 system folder too, but the drive was too small for me to comfortably partition, so I have them on the same one and use system picker to switch systems. For some reason I have to manually rebless the 7.6.1 system folder when I do that, so I never do it. I was also pleased to be able to find three working batteries for it at a cheap price.

I have a Wallstreet was sold "for parts." It works fine by itself, but it's not in very good condition, and sometimes you have to press on the case near the volume buttons to get the display to show colors correctly. Also the keyboard won't latch on the bottom, so it sticks up a bit and bounces slightly when I type. It runs Jaguar (slowly) and 9. The battery holds a decent charge.

I have a Quadra 610 that was my great aunt's primary computer from 1993 to about 2003. It had 7.1 on it when she gave it to me, which I upgraded to 7.5.5.

My friend gave me his LC 580 and PowerMac 5200/100. The 580 runs 7.5.5 and the 5200 runs 7.6.1.

And I also have two modern Macs: an Intel Mac Mini I got last year, and a 20" iMac I got this summer. They're both currently running Leopard, though sometimes I revert the Mini to Tiger for various purposes.

The first Mac I had was actually a Hackintosh. I booted my HP laptop into Tiger from an external USB drive. It was fun while it lasted, but I should have picked a much bigger drive than 20 GB. I tried to reinstall on a 120 GB drive, but for some reason, I couldn't get it to boot.
  shadedream (Profile)
  2 MB
Posted: Wed Jul 30, 2008 1:28 pm
My collection is sadly fairly small these days. I had to give up a fairly large number of machines when I got married a few years back and moved half way across the country.

Working Machines:

• 20" 2.4ghz C2D iMac
• 12" 867mhz Powerbook G4
• Powermac G4 Cube
• Mystic Color Classic (my baby)


• Blueberry iMac DV (semi-gutted)
• Lombard Powerbook G3 (semi-gutted)
• Mac Classic (came free with the, at the time, non functioning Color Classic, rattles like components inside are missing or broken).

I've also got a couple of the old external floppy drives sitting around, a stack of new shrinkwrapped Apple microphones from, a large bag of 1mb SIMMs, and a stack of old logic boards from my Color Classic, Performa 520/550s and a few Performa 580s.

I'd like to start rebuilding my "classic" collection but have been unable to find sources of old hardware since I've moved to Texas. Really want to get my hands on a Classic/Plus, IIsi/ci, Quadra 700, Powermac 6100, a 5xx series powerbook, a newer Duo and Dock. I also have an "I wish" list containing two machines I'll likely never get my hands on; a TAM and a Powerbook 2400. A geek can dream though...
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