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Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2012 11:22 am
Hi All,

Some time ago on one of the vintage Mac forums, someone was looking for contact management software for their machine. That started me thinking. I have been making applications for people since 1996. So I went back in the vault to see what was there and could be of use to people now. I found eight programs.

These are all written in FileMaker Pro, versions 5.0 through 6.0. I have taken the programs and bundled them as both a simple set of FileMaker Pro files for those who have one of these versions of FileMaker Pro and as single user runtime executables for those who do not. The run times are bound to a FileMaker Pro 5.0 engine. They will run on System 7.6 and up with a PPC processor. They have the same functionality as database files running under FileMaker, but they will not network.

I do not know if they require appearance manager on or not. My PB 1400 has died on me so I cannot go back and test at present.

I am charging $2.00 per application. I do not expect there to be great response. It is hoped that they will pay for their extra hosting space on my site. If I am really lucky, they might even pay my hosting and internet bill on the odd month. So please do not take this as spam. The programs are available if you need or want them and this would pay to make it so.

Here is what is available:

1. Three contact management programs.

These are a progressive offshoots of a client asking me to duplicate the functionality of Claris Organizer when he moved to OS X. This morphed into a series of programs plus the scheduling engine was used on some larger custom databases.

A. Simple Schedule- Basic single user contact database, summary calendar, to do list and week view, some basic event capture, broadcast e-mail using your e-mail client for sending.

B. Group Schedule- Similar with multi person scheduling and more extensive event capture

C. Little Helper- Detailed calendaring, support for letterhead and form letters, extensive event capture and reporting, lead generation and reporting, display creation

The first two, with summary calendars only are better for lower powered machines.

There is a full breakdown of features on the site and a QuickTime movie showing all three in operation.

2. Two Nutrient Databases

A. The American Nutrient Database

This has nutrient values from the USDA Standard Reference Release 18 and RDIís from the USDA standard reference for nutrition labeling. The nutrient values represent American food fortification values at that time.

It has 46 nutrients and 28 RDIís for over 7000 foods.

B. The Canadian Nutrient Database

This has nutrient values from the Canadian Nutrient file 2007b and RDIís from Table 6-5, Recommended Daily Intake (D.01.013, D.02.006) of the Canadian Food and Drug Regulations. The nutrient values represent Canadian food fortification values at that time.

It has 46 nutrients and 20 RDIís for over 5000 foods.

Both of these programs are fully searchable and will display nutrient values custom serving size information.

My wife has a degree in food science and dietetics. For fun we actually reproduced the nutrient values for published recipes using the program and keeping each ingredient on a spread sheet. We were able to get very close agreement.

3. SongBook

This is a simple program for guitar players using tabs to store their songs. It has provision for some notes and a graphic. I use it so I do not have to keep dragging my song books out.

4. PicView

This is a graphics storage and retrieval system. It was originally designed for real estate appraisers so they could store maps and other graphic materials that they used daily. It allows a graphic to be catalogued and displayed in multiple sizes. This is useful for graphics of differing resolutions.

For a person with extensive graphics, I would suggest using thumbnails in the program, cataloguing to the original files. There is a 2 Gb data limit on this family of FileMaker Pro and a ton of large graphics could eat this up quickly.

5. Simple Help

Simple Help is a free standing, non hierarchical help system. It lets you author your own help system. It was sold to people who had custom software in place and needed help systems for their staff.

Here is the link to that part of the site:


Have fun.

Dave McQueen
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