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  oldmacs (Profile)
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Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2012 2:23 am
Hi All,
I have finally decided to join this Forum after many years of looking at it.
I am a Mac obsessed Teenager, I have used Macs my whole life. I grew up using an LC 475 with System 7.5 and then an iMac G3 with OS9, I now collect vintage Macs and still Love System 7!
I have a Non Working Macintosh Plus (It needs a soldering job)
A Working Centris 650 with System 7.5
A Non working LC 475 which is soon to be working
and a working PowerBook 1400cs with System 7.6
I am hopefully soon acquiring an SE, An LC II and A IIsi.
I also emulate 7.6 on my Early 2008 White Macbook, Which is my main computer, My 1400 is my second most used.
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