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  feeef (Profile)
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Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2013 5:27 pm
Happy 2013 everyone!

My name is François, I am french and live near Bordeaux. I'm a Mac user/fan since 1984 when my dad came back home with a Macintosh 128k. I was only 5 years old but since then, I never stop using Macs.

I have a couple of Macs working at home :

- A LCIII running 7.0 (with only 6MB of RAM I plan to upgrade it)

- A 6100 which is still sleeping in the attic (when I get some more room I would like to make it another system 7 computer)

- A 9500 which I still use everyday as a file server. It has G4 700MHz upgrade card with 1TB SATA HD and about 700MB of RAM (I don't remember exactly. I plan to bring it to the max 1.5GB). This Mac runs 10.4.11 / 9.1 and I am trying to install 7.6 as well (but it's a real pain so far)

I also have a powerbook Alu 17" and an intel iMac.

Thanks for doing such a good website! It's a real pleasure using those old Macs with system 7! I love it! Smile
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