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 Topic: Classic drive backup and restore? (Page 1 of 1)
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  Crusoe (Profile)
  4 MB
Posted: Tue Mar 04, 2014 11:57 pm
I'm the proud new owner of a Color Classic (I found a gem) and have the software in a good spot and would like to create an image of the 500mb hard drive that would be restorable.

Here's what I have:
Mac Color Classic
Apple PDS Ethernet Card
Apple CD 300
System 7.6.1 with AppleTalk connectivity to a PBG4 running 10.4.x and Classic 9
OS 8.5 and 9 CDs
10 floppies

I tried booting the a Net Install floppy which worked but would give me an warning on boot that ethernet appletalk was not available defaulting to localtalk.

I'm guessing I need to customize my boot floppy to init the ethernet card and then can use diskcopy or some other tool to image the hard drive but not sure of how and what the best practices are. I would hope the same floppy could restore my image via ethernet in case of a drive failure and replacement.

Is there a boot floppy image source already for what I need? If not, what would be the mother-of-all backup and restore via ethernet floppy stack?
  wove (Profile)
Posted: Wed Mar 05, 2014 2:32 pm
Congratulations on the Color Classic.

Times have changed as have requirements and methods for accomplishing tasks. System 7.6 hard drives were generally not imaged, to back them up you just copied the files. If you can boot the Color Classic from its hard drive and connect it to a network with the Powerbook, all that is required is to copy the hard drive over to a folder on the Powerbook.

And to restore the hard drive you would just reverse the proceedure.

In order to do this from the network floppy, you will need to make sure the drivers for the ethernet card are on the floppy. This would probably be an extension from the extension folder and perhaps a control panel found in the control panel folder, both of which are inside the system folder.

The easiest way to create a disk image of your hard drive, would be to use disk copy to create a blank disk image that is read/write and then copy the contents of the Color Classic hard drive to the disk image.

At this point in time the Mac OS is far simpler than OS X, there are no permission, or hidden odd files and caches, so backing up and moving systems is requires little more than simple drag and drop. And the system itself at this point is capable of making a disk bootable by just finding a valid system folder.

  Crusoe (Profile)
  4 MB
Posted: Wed Mar 05, 2014 4:48 pm
I'll copy the entire drive to the powerbook and work on the bootable restore disk testing it to the point of connecting via ethernet which will give me piece of mind in case of disk failure.

Nice thing is, it's a 500mb drive so not original and thus not quite as old. The CC was very clean and had the carry case so it seemed well cared for and I hope for many more years of life but just in case...backup.

It's been quite while since I dabbled in the classic OSs but some of it's coming back to me. Thanks again.
  LCGuy (Profile)
  4 MB
Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2014 7:58 am
Disk Copy allows you to make an image of an entire disk, I've been doing this to make images of my machines for years.
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