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 Topic: FS: PowerBook 3400c/180 (Page 1 of 1)
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  AlphaKilo470 (Profile)
  32 MB
Posted: Thu Jul 06, 2006 12:34 am
I have a PowerBook 3400c for sale on eBay that features a 12" SVGA TFT, 180mhz PowerPC 603ev CPU, 1gb hard drive, 48mb RAM, Mac OS 8.6 and onboard ethernet and 56k modem. This computer also has a god battery, AC adaptor and internal 1.44mb floppy drive. The screen latch is broken off, there is a small scratch towards the top of the screen and there are some cracks in the case on the underside at the edge. This computer boots up with no issues and the screen provides a bright picture and the keyboard, while showing some wear, works great and feels great to type on.

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