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 Topic: Hi everyone! I can't tell you how excited I am lol! (Page 1 of 3)
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  Cross (Profile)
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Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 9:57 pm
Ok well lets see where should I start lol.

I have been on OS X for some time. I started out long ago with an Apple IIgs I believe it was. Went to the Performa 630cd and then saved all summer to buy a used Powerbook 5300cs. (I actually bought a 145B that died first then returned it and bought the 5300cs)

I miss that laptop sometimes. My next was a Powerbook Wallstreet G3 233 13.3 with no cache. I have two of them now with tons of spare parts lol. They are actually up for sale as I really miss my pismo more.

Anyway I have always missed OS 7-9. I started with 7.5 as far as I can remember although I am sure the Apple II did not run that lol.

Either way OS X is really great, I am really enjoying Tiger but I miss OS 7-9. I knew them like the back of my hand, could do anything I wanted no problem at all. I still remember all the commands lol I know I would need a small amount of time to play around but I loved it.

I noticed here that 7.6 is pref. Of course at the time I had my 5300 and the Wallstreet I was running the latest OS I could get my hands on lol. I would like to know why to choose 7 over the others. I read the basics but didn't 9 basically represent making the OS completely PowerPC Coded? I was not big into that side of things lol, playing around and building, repairing thats always been my thing.

So some education on these issues would be great.

Also I know I tried to go back to OS 9 during the Jaguar or Panther Phase and could not do much of anything on the internet.

Honestly if I could go back I would. I have enough space to keep OS X for anything I may have to but honestly I want to get back into OS 7-9.

This is the system I am on:
Powerbook G4 Tibook 867 with the radeon 9000. I notice a lot of mention on the 7000 so I am worried about this system working well with that.

Here is what I spend my time doing on the net and the lappy:
Checking forums, my space, amv forums, homestarrunner.com (Sorry I am easily amussed sometimes and *shrug* I just find it funny :p )

I make music videos and my sources are in RM, WMV, MOV, Divx.

I love to watch and play my movies to so I really want to know if this is possible. I remember it being a big problem before esp with WMV/ASF files.

I use FCPro 5, I have version 3-4 as well (I might even still have 2) but honestly enough I HATE it. I used another program that I am sure is still around on my many back ups from my G4 Ti 550. Anyway I don't mind if I have to stick with X for that as I am finally getting used to FC5 whhen Vegas Video has been one of my main reasons for keeping a pc around all the time (LOL and it gives me something to do, when my wife slows it down and breaks things I get to fix them :p ) But if i can woohoo lol.

Listening to music should be easy I remember a program called Sound Jam that was just what I liked. its also on your main page lol. Can't remember how it takes WMA files but I guess we shall see.

Pictures theres always graphics converter which I have loved for years.

Hotline is still around I am sure. I wonder if photoshop I was using then is still there lol. CS2 is not going to work :p

IM Systems I use are yahoo, msn, aol.

basically educate me guys. I am def excited to get back to what i really pref lol.
  dpaanlka (Profile)
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Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 10:06 pm
Welcome to S7T!

If I read your post correctly, you were curious about running System 7 on a PowerBook G4? You won't be able to do that, as you cannot install a version of the Mac OS on any Mac previous to the version the computer originally shipped with. So your going to be stuck with 9 at the very least.

Here at System 7 Today, we aren't suggesting that you replace OS X Tiger with 7.6.1. Mac OS X is a far more modern, advanced, and capable OS than any of the classics (7-9) were. We mostly emphasize using 7.6.1 on older machines, which incidentally, are the only machines it can run on. In fact, part of the fun is getting Mac OS X and Mac OS 7 to work together, which is explained in some detail in the help section.

We believe OS 7 is a good consideration for earlier first and second generation PowerPC Macs becuase of the gains of running the system on the older hardware. The Benchmarks Page will give you some idea of these benefits.

On eBay there are always hundreds of cheap (less than $20) computers you can buy that will be excellent candidates for Mac OS 7.6.1 to try out.

Reading this site, you should mostly find everything you are looking for. Adobe Premiere 5.1c fully supports Mac OS 7.6.1, and many older Macs were "AV" Macs - meaning they had Video input and Output ports, and some even had TV tuner cards.

Web browsing has always been the stickler with Mac OS 7, as Internet Explorer 5.0.2 is the last version of that browser to support OS 7, and there is no Safari, no FireFox, no Camino. Netscape 4.8 and Opera 5 are the highest of those respective browsers as well.

This site is still pretty new (less than a year old) and it is constantly growing as the News & Announcements area will attest to. It mostly revolves around my personal experiences with using OS 7 today.
  Cross (Profile)
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Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 10:09 pm
The review of the 603 200mhz system reviews was great however has anyone done it with a G3 or G4. I know most of you are probably not running them but with walstreets going for less then 60.00 most of the time and such I am just curious.

I will most likely end up finding another Powerbook 3400c maxed and play with that. I have a Powerbook 500 series that has the 603 in it however I need a SCSI HD that a little bigger and a external scsi cdrom if I am going to use it.

I used a 540c to install a color screen. Oh if anyone needs a ram stick for the 500 series I have the 48MB Stick I think it is. Its an extra out of the 540 but it works, maybe its 32MB I am not sure lol.

Anyway sorry for the further posts lol. I am really interested in this ^-^
  Cross (Profile)
  16 MB
Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 10:17 pm
Ok I was writing my post while you were posting that lol. I had just looked at the benchmarks to I think I mentioned it lol.

Anyway I seem to remember being able to run OS 8 on my 550, and while I def have not researched it I thought that the Ti generation was the last to be able to run OS9, 8 and 7 but then again I never tried to run OS 7 on it lol At the time I was around 15-18 and the latest OS was always what was exciting.

So... while I may be restricted to OS 9... I still wanna be back to the old Mac OS I grew up with lol wanna help I would love to spend my time here having fun again then playing with OS X anymore lol. (Like I said I love it but I want to go back to what I really remember enjoying).

LOL I think I am alittle to into this idea :p
  dpaanlka (Profile)
  1024 MB
Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 10:24 pm
Wallstreets cannot run Mac OS 7. TiBooks cannot run Mac OS 7 or 8.

A PowerBook 500 series can run up to Mac OS 8.1, but it originally came with some flavor of System 7.1.x.

Some of us do run G3s actually, as all Sonnet G3 upgrades are Mac OS 7 compatible, as are the former Newer Technology ones. I run a G3 in a Power Mac 8100 running 7.6.1, which is the server for this website (except the forums). I also ran a G3 in a 1400 for a long time. Finally, I also have a Power Mac 6100 with a G3 upgrade, although I don't really use that machine anymore.

Soon a Sonnet G4 upgrade will be arriving for my 8600 (next few days) so I will be trying that out to see if OS 7 can use a G4 fully (including AltiVec). If that does work, it will be great because Sonnet recently released a thundering 1Ghz G4 upgrade for the 8600 and related Macs. So hopefully that works. Sonnet also has a 500mhz G3 upgrade, in case the G4's end up not working. Sonnet also has G3 upgrades for the 6500 and related, and the NuBus Power Macs.

A PowerBook 1400 would be a good choice, as you can upgrade those rather easily to a G3. They're also usually cheaper than 3400s.

The best brand for G3 upgrdes is Sonnet, because Sonnet's drivers allow you to use Speed Doubler 8's 68k emulation speed up, while Newer Technology upgrades do not.

PowerLogix upgrades do not appear to work.
  Cross (Profile)
  16 MB
Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 10:46 pm
Hmm the 1400 was never one of my favorites.... but oh well why not.

I will modify my thread to include that lol.
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