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 Topic: Opcode Music System (OMS) and Abandonware Studio Vision Pro (Page 1 of 1)
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  ohmelas (Profile)
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Posted: Fri Nov 03, 2006 10:24 am

I just inherited two Mac Powerbook 180CSs and OMS with studio Vision Pro. I've been considering a retro rig for a while now and have the opportunity. I'm excited about the prospects.

I also have two Opcode 64XTC MIDI interfaces that I'd like to run simultaneously with my powerbooks just in case of a crash. One for back-up.

That being said, OMS files are harder and harder to find for newer devices. Does anyone here use OMS with their 7.6 on 180s and are there any known issues with the serial port and older serial MIDI interfaces?

I don't use the computers for anything else but MIDI and I'm in the process of starting to instal this. So I'll document my adventure here to create something of an infobase in this experience since it appears that much of that knowledge has been lost.

Are there any known places on the web to collect OMS instrument definition files? I have a Roland Fantom S88 and a Roland XP-30 that I'd love to have tricked out appropriately with Midi patch names and all that.

Please feel free to post links here. I'd like to create a place on the web for OMS people still working forever in 7.6 and what not.
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