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 Topic: What to do with my Starmax 4000? (Page 1 of 1)
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  bd1308 (Profile)
  128 MB
Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2007 3:51 pm
I have it and it has 140MB ram, but no drives right now. I was thinking about adding a ATA133 card and getting a file server going, but I really dont feel inclined to do that now, since I have a media center computer (linux) that I built with 640GB of storage.

I really don't want to throw it away though...
  chrisA (Profile)
  1 MB
Posted: Tue Jan 30, 2007 7:54 am
Depends how much time/money you want to devote to it. A StarMax 4200 is my main Mac still. There are lots of upgrade possibilities.

Max RAM is 160MB.

Latest OS is 9.1 (maybe 9.2, with a lot of hassle).

Without a PCI card, you can have two ATA devices, one master on each of the two buses (no slaves).

Up to 6 devices on the SCSI chain, as usual.

It'll take a decent PCI graphics card - mine has a Radeon 7000 now, before that a 3dfx Voodoo3.

PCI cards for Ethernet, USB, Firewire are available. If it's a tower case you have 5 slots, 3 in a desktop.

A CPU upgrade (Sonnet, NewerTech) could get you a 400mhz G3.

You could replace the CD with a DVD-ROM.

None of these upgrades cost a lot on their own - this is all old stuff now and very cheap - but they'll add up.

I use my StarMax for everything - web, mail, CD-ripping/burning, audio editing, Photoshop 4, QuarkXPress 4, scanning, etc.

You might want to check out the StarMax Yahoo! Group if you haven't already:


Or the Google Group:


Traffic is light now, but the archives will probably tell you everything you need to know about your machine.

Good luck,
Chris Adams.
  Old Mac Geezer (Profile)
  64 MB
Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2007 8:08 am
The max RAM is only 160MB?? I can go to a gig with my 7500. And how do you do MacOS 9.2 without a G3 processor?
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