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  beachycove (Profile)
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Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 3:24 pm
"Claris Office" was as I recall: MacWrite Pro, Filemaker Pro, ClarisDraw, Resolve, and Impact. There were also some other products lurking in the background, like Smartforms, MacProject, and the rather wonderful program, Claris CAD though by the "Claris Office" days, some of them had been abandoned.

They were fabulous products; Clarisworks was good on its own, but these were like the individual modules of Clarisworks on steroids. I have a few of them on a Quadra, and they are just great: stable, elegant, fast and simple to use: the iLife of the 90s. I prefer some of them still to anything on OSX.

It has always been my view that had Apple had the wit to bundle these great programs with some of the systems sold in the mid-1990s, they could have cut into the Microsoft profit margins a good bit, and avoided some of the financial chaos of the mid-90s. Macs were expensive, and then there were the expensive software add-ons. Peecees were cheaper, and they were cheper, not least, because they came with huge software bundles, which, while convoluted and so forth, were seemingly "free." Macs were accordingly overlooked as impractical and beyond reach by comparison, as people bought cheap. Duh. It's what you might call the Wallmart syndrome: pile mostly serviceable crap on your shelves, and make it cheap too people will buy it in their millions, and avoid the quality retailers and the local hardware stores and such.

But Claris, bundled in peecee fashion, might have saved Apple's bacon. And where might we have gone as a result? No Nextstep, that's more or less for sure.

What do others think?
  MacTCP (Profile)
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Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 1:14 am
Resolve was nice. I still use it for making spreadsheets.
  Lichen Software (Profile)
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Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2007 5:01 pm
If the had taken Clarisworks and expanded it on all fronts they would have had Office beat hands down. I still use this program regularly in OSX. It has a small footprint, it is agile and the versatility of being able to drop different kinds of douments into a draw program makes it a little desktop publishing sytem.

The big drawback on the graphics was that all were in screen resolution.

The new iWork suite as it grows does nothave theintegration of Clarisworks.

I use FileMaker all the time as that is what I do. But my all time favourite program is Clarisworks.
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