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  dpaanlka (Profile)
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Posted: Mon Apr 17, 2006 10:25 am
Once school ends in May, this is where the site is going to go:

Red = Upcoming

Green = Available Now

1: New server - will be hosted on Mac OS 7 server with AppleShare IP 5. The entire main site will be hosted on a Power Macintosh 8100 running Mac OS 7.6.1 Server.

2: New site design. An entire new site design that mimicks Apple's old site design will be rolled out. It is very exciting.

3: 68k Section. At the request of some, a single page devoted to 68k software will be unveiled. This will
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be a site-wide acceptance of 68k (as I still want to focus on PowerPC), but rather a single page under the "software" section that will have the latest updates and my personal recommendations for those running 68k Macs. My test machine is a 50mhz upgraded Quadra 900.

4: Email Addresses Available! If you are a member in good standing, you will now be able to get your very own, free, POP3-enabled as well as Webmail based "@system7today.com" email address, if you so desire. There will be a limited number of these, probably around 100. So let me know if you're interested.

5: Free FTP download. An FTP area will be added with all the downloads from the main site available in easy to use FTP access.

6: Tons of new software added. SoundJam MP Free, more anti-virus, and a new section devoted to CyberDog and OpenDoc, for those who wish to explore those unique software realms. Cross compatibility solutins, and drivers drivers drivers galore!!!

7: Developer Section including the latest version of RealBasic Demo for Mac OS 7.6 as well as tips for developing software for Mac OS 7 in addition to 8, 9, and X (yes it is possible!)

8: Hardware Profiles - Like we really need more of these. But to build a complete site, I want to have them anyway.

9: I may possibly might need help. I need something like a co-webmaster. This person will need not design, as that is my job, but rather build and deploy the site according to my direction. This way I'll be able to get it done a lot faster. They will basically follow the templates and guidelines of the new site design, and just fill content. If you know how web sites work, post a reply in this topic thread if interested.

The color coding of this announcement will change from red to green as updates go online.
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